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The Revthority Process

Territory Build

We build out a defined territory of prospects and classify company profiles that fit your target market to establish the ideal level of executives that will benefit from your service.

Product Knowledge

We partner with your team and take the time to truly understand what makes your product unique and why your potential clients work with you.

Message Creation

After understanding your product, we build messaging and position it as a need to have vs. nice to have. With proven tactics and years of experience, we are able to build a concise talk-track that clearly articulates your value prop.

Client Outreach

Our clients have new business sales goals which are vital to their company’s sustainability. We shorten sales cycles and create new business opportunities by scheduling one-on one meetings with QUALIFIED decision makers.

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We work with companies of various sizes across all industries. We can help you achieve your goals. Lets talk!

Our Philosophy

Sales representatives are the people at the front entrusted with transferring their industry’s knowledge and expertise. We provide an experienced voice to parlay that information and expertise on behalf of our clients.

Who We Work With

Revthority works with B2B organizations across all industries who sell their products or services to C-level executives. Our expertise lies within the C-Suite: The CEO, CMO, COO, CIO, CTO, CFO and HR Executives.


Michael Eisen

Michael Eisen

Chief Executive Officer
Fred Rockwell

Fred Rockwell

Tony Yu

Tony Yu

VP, Operations
Carlos Ozuna

Carlos Ozuna

VP, Business Development
Emily West

Emily West

Chief Data Engineer

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